Tender Base PreSchool

Design Planning | Web Design & Development | Wordpress


The client Shyam came to us with four main goals to build a conversation-focused website.  

    • To build Tender Base PreSchool UI to be more conversation focused. 
    • To have a better appointment booking rate.
    • To have an overall good & meaningful design.


We had built a wireframe planned design update to increase conversation & signups. Designed a clean UI for the whole website to a modern conversion-focused look. We choose colors such as yellow which symbolizes happiness, hope, and spontaneity & blue which symbolizes trust


Custom Solution

      • For User: We built one-click login appointment booking integration. 

      • For Admin: We built a dashboard to manage users, contact, and everything needed to keep a bird’s eye view on the website for smooth working.

    UI Design

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    Final Website

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    Design Planning

    We had built a Figma Designs and planned design updates to increase conversation & signups. Choose a clean UI design & revamp the whole website to a modern conversion-focused look. 



    Both Amit and Diwakar have helped me to make my little dream into reality. Thanks a lot for completing my Tolet App. It was nice working with you guys.
    Amit Chaudhary
    Owner, ToLet